About Rising Irons

Rising Irons will be found by Oliver Steinkrüger a.k.a. Buddy Olli / Amboss Tattoo – Germany. The idea is to unite several international Tattoo Shops under one (clothing) label. What‘s the best way to do that?Thanks for asking.We think Shop Shirts are the answer.Most Tattoo Shops offer T-Shirts with their own designs to their customers. Nowadays, Shop Shirts are the same thing as business cards and just another way to promote one‘s art. In the world of tattooing, Shirts as well as stickers, Flash sheets, Sketchbooks etc are also merchandise of your favourite Tattoo Shop.

Every tattooer receives a share for every shirt sold by Rising Irons. So you will support not only the tattoo scene itself, but also every tattoo artist of your favorite design. All of our products are organic & fair, which is an absolutely noteworthy aspect in these days. Thank you in advance for your support and, as orders will be places through us, we kindly ask you to support us with a social media post.

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